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Amazon Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products is a Cost per Click (CPC) program for Amazon sellers that feature product-specific ads on product pages as well as in search results. Sponsored Products are based on targeted keywords that match with customer search terms.
Amazon was designed to provide the most accurate and engaging product information on product pages as well as Amazon searches. The major challenge for Amazon merchants is to make their products discoverable on Amazon search and converting their listings into orders. And that’s where DMS can help you, significantly.

Driving buyers to product pages and converting them into sales once they reach the product detail pages is the fundamental tool for success on Amazon. Amazon Sponsored Products is a valuable tool to drive product discoverability on Amazon. You can Increase Boost traffic, Amazon Clicks, and Purchases & Conversions

Promote the Products You Sell On Your Amazon Store with Amazon Advertising (Sponsored Ads/ PPC) Services

Amazon’s marketplace sure is a great opportunity for sellers, however getting seen on search results is very challenging, primarily when customers are searching for specific products. Amazon Sponsored Products is a tool that can positively impact the visibility of your products on Amazon. It has been designed to provide sellers on Amazon with more product visibility and exposure.

You Can Use Sponsored Products on Amazon To:

  • -Boost product visibility
  • -Increase Buy Box traffic
  • -Impact Buy Box factors positively
  • -Highlight new offers
  • -Display unique selections
  • -Provide exposure to offers with low sessions
  • -Increase discoverability for clearance items, and seasonal promotions

The Sponsored Products has significantly expanded on Amazon, which means greater scope for seller ad placement, and enhanced opportunity for product visibility on Amazon.

Sponsored Products Placements:

  • -Amazon Search
  • -Right of search results on Amazon SERPs
  • -Bottom of search results on Amazon SERP
  • -Placement of ad on detail pages
  • -Mobile and tablet ads

Our offerings go beyond Amazon Sponsored Ad Services. In fact, we have an expert team of PHP programmers, eCommerce copywriters and editors, data entry specialists, SEO experts, and Quality Assurance & back-office support specialists, headed by a dedicated Project Manager, to help you not just create but also maintain, and promote your Amazon store.

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